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MARY BETH KOSLAP-PETRACO, DNP(C), CPNP: I think sometimes we lose sight of the fact how sick you can get from these vaccine-preventable diseases and because we're fortunate enough not to see them as often as we did years ago, people lose sight of the fact about how miserable you can be with these diseases.

PAUL OFFIT, MD: Now where we've been so successful with vaccinations and we don't see many of those diseases—and not only young mothers but young doctors didn't see them either, haven't grown up with them, and don't see them now. So for them, vaccination at some level becomes a matter of faith.

MARK SAWYER, MD: It's only people in my line of work who can appreciate how severe some of these things are. When you get the measles, you are incredibly sick. More or less three or four out of every thousand children with the measles actually die from the measles.

And so people think about these as routine childhood infections, but they actually are very, very severe.