Vaccinate Your Baby


Nation's Top Public Health Leaders Sign on to Open Letter Praising Vaccines

Doctors, Nurses and public health groups around the country agree, vaccines are "the safest, most effective way to control and eradicate infectious diseases"

In honor of National Immunization Awareness Month, over 150 medical experts and organizations from around the country have signed an “open letter” reasserting the importance of timely immunizations.

If you are a health care provider or vaccine advocate and are interested in signing the letter, please e-mail Every Child By Two at Your name, along with your title and affiliation, will be added. Public health and medical organizations are welcome to sign as well (no individual name will be listed if you are signing on as an organization). This will be a living document and we hope to continue gathering signatures throughout the fall. We will have another version of the letter for the general public to sign soon.

Read the Letter and View the Signatories